APIs Made Simpler

Darren Alderman

What the heck is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows different apps, websites, and databases to communicate with each other.

When an application creates an API, they define a set of agreements that you can utilize to make requests to their application.

Each agreement contains:

  1. Requirements for inputs
  2. A description of what the application will do with those inputs
  3. A promise that they will send you back a response.

This response will detail the data you requested or the changes the application made on your behalf.

Most APIs follow the same standard set of rules. This makes it easier for APIs to communicate with each other, and for you to use a multitude of APIs in your application.

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A simple guide on JSON and APIs with tips that you can immediately start implementing with your app.

Part 1
What is an API?
Part 2
JSON Quickstart
Part 3
APIs Explained
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APIs Made Simpler

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